Aquarius Weekly Horoscope, May 20 to May 26


Your Week Ahead

The Sun is moving through the sector for creativity, romance, and speculative businesses. You will be more cautious about your creative projects. This is a time to work with your creative skills. New creative projects can come up. You may go for social programs too. Parties and entertainment programs are also seen. You will get an opportunity to work with children or their upliftment. Some changes in the romantic relationships are also seen. Those who work with own ventures have to be very vigilant.


Mercury is moving through the sector for personal life, family, and home. This planet indicates communication and analysis. You may try to spend more time at home or at home. This is a time to make decisions regarding your personal life and family matters. Real estate deals, plans for repairing and renovation are also seen. You may start working from home. This is a time for meetings with your relatives. You will try to improve your lifestyle.

Mars is moving through the sector for personal life, personality, and ambitions. This is a very crucial time for your personal and social life. Since Mars is an intense energy, so you also will feel that energy within you. This energy can become a cause for arguments. Minor physical issues can also come up. You want some new beginnings, but at this time, you may feel that you have to go an extra mile for such things.

Aquarius Horoscope


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